What is an American Bully and Why do Terrier Prices Vary So Much

What is an American Bully

What is an American Bully

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I sometimes see people saying my dogs are over priced, or I’ll list my prices and they’ll say “my buddy breeds blue pits and his sell for just $500 each,” or “I saw those at the flea market for $500!”

Well I’m sorry to say that those american bully dogs aren’t the same quality that the high price Bullies are.

Basically what those people are saying is equivalent to looking at a Lamborghini or Ferrari and saying “oh my buddy has a junk yard, he sells cars for way less than that!” That is literally no exaggeration.

Does the American Bully Have Papers?

Now whether or not they say they have papers, that there “pr” registered, or there gottiline or razors edge it doesn’t matter.

Even if they name a big name dog and say it’s the parent or grand parent or whatever, it doesn’t matter. First off the could have hung papers, which means the papers are real but they don’t belong to those pups, or it could just be a lie.

Or it could be the truth and it could just be a bad litter, the sad truth is, if a pup is that cheap, there is a reason.

The Reason Quality Varies

Here is the reason, the American Bully is a very new breed, so quality varies ALOT, and a lot of people think they can put any two dogs together and make money (you can’t!!!!)

There are serious quality control issues in this breed, so you MUST pick a terrier breeder who can consistently produce great pups.

I’ll go more into detail on how to pick a breeder in the next what is an american bully post. Thanks and GOD BLESS

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