Pitbull Muscle Building

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Here at our kennels we are constantly getting questions about how we keep our dogs so muscular.

Our dogs aren’t just “skinny and ripped” our American Bullies are extreme, with extreme bone, girth, and extreme muscle mass!!

We’ll the secret is simple, first, you have to have the genetics to make it all possible, so make sure you buy from a breeder how has the best bloodlines and on the market (us haha).

Training Them for Success

Next is where your work comes in, you can’t just leave a dog in a kennel and expect to watch him grow it doesn’t work for humans and it won’t for K9’s. Now they don’t have to have a crazy workout schedule or anything, just let them out to play and they get the right amount of exercise.

And they won’t get too skinny, I’ve heard of people being afraid to let them out to play because they don’t want them to lose weight!!! We’ll if the genetics is there and the diet, we will get to diet in a second, they’ll build muscle and not lose weight or girth.

The next step in the process is diet. You can’t just throw protein at them, that will just cause hair loss and bowl issues. Your dog needs a diet it can digest, whether it is Dog Chow or Blue Buffalo, or a raw diet, you have to find what works for your dog, personally I recommend Purina Dog Chow, it works best for all my dog.

Supplements and achieving success

But all dogs need more vitamins then what any food brand can provide, especially the cheaper ones.

And sometimes the cheaper foods is all your they will eat, so you need a pitbull supplement. At Carolina Bully Farms the ONLY supplement we recommend to our customers and the only one we will use on our dogs is BULLYMAX.

BULLYMAX is designed to add muscle, strength and weight, but it does so much more than that, it adds in the digestion process, improves bone development, improves vision, and keeps your their coat healthy.  It’s also an over all good health supplement for your dog.

It is veterinarian approved and made with all natural ingredients in the USA. With these tips, and time, your pup will reach its true full potential, something so few ever truly do.

Thanks everyone and GOD BLESS

We use Bully Max because it works!  Get more info here.

bully max total health

Bully Max  K9  Supplements

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