how to keep your dog cool in the summer

How to keep your bullies cool this summer

how to keep your dog cool in the summer

Many people do not think about how to keep your dog cool in the summer. These are our top tips.

It’s summer time and you and your bully have a lot of out door activities to do. Whether your at the dog park, going to dog shows, or just playing in the back yard, heat strokes are a real danger for all bully breeds.

While American Bullies, if excessive regularly, are much more durable then people think, many die every year to heat strokes.

The good news is it can be easily prevented!!! First off anytime your traveling with your dog this summer you need to have three things with you.

how to keep your dog cool in the summer

1.water(lots of it) or Bullyade.

2.rags(a wet rag can do wonders)

3. A small battery powered fan

These things can save a dogs life. I have seen them do it many times at dog shows across the country, also if you can, it’s great to have ice with you.

Now the best and easiest way to prevent over heating at home is fun for your dog and it’ll keep him clean. You have seen them in my videos 100s of times, kiddie pools, once a dog figures out what it is it’ll be his best friend, and it kills fleas.

But since you can travel with a kiddie pool you need to know how to save your dog with what you have on hand. First off let them drink water. But don’t let them over do it, when there panting hard they take in a lot of air when they drink and bloating is deadly for a dog. So the more effective use of water is pouring it all over them, mainly on their belly, and privates.

People sometimes say water on their back holds heat in, this is why you need the fan, to keep the water cool while it’s on them. Also rubbing their hair so it isn’t laying flat will let cool air in too. Now it’s time for the rags, get them wet and wipe the dogs face with it, and their private parts, it’s highly important the rag is ice cold or it will be counterproductive. If you have ice, put it in the rag and wipe the dog with that.

Of course the most effective prevention is getting your dog some place cool before it ever is in danger of getting over heated.

Also if you don’t know how to recognize your dog getting too hot, it’s simple, just look for him breathing harder than normal, more snorting, and eyes becoming bloodshot.

So be prepared and go and enjoy the summer with your bully!!! Thanks everyone and GOD BLESS

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