How to find a reputable breeder that’s good for dogs

How to find a reputable breeder for bullys

how to find a reputable breeder

Taking the time to find a good and caring breeder for your Bully, can make for a better life with your dog down the road.

When buying an American Bully, you need to know how to find a reputable breeder. There are a few signs that tell good breeders apart from bad breeders and your new pet didn’t come from the pet classifieds.

The main and most important first impression of recognizing a bad breeder from a good breeder is to know HOW THEY TREAT THEIR DOGS!!!!!

At Carolina Bully Farms our dogs are like family, and they’re our full time occupation.

Finding the right dog

People’s dogs who don’t get the love and attention they need, will not only have behavior problems, but they will have shorter lives. If the breeder can’t give his dogs his full attention, how will he pay attention to a litter of puppies? How kept up will they be?

Next when choosing a dog, you need proof of a good litter and business upkeep, which comes with experience. How many litters have they sold? How did the pups look? Are they healthy? Are all there clients happy? Do they offer references? Are they a member of any kennel club? Do clients give good reviews on the breeder? All these are important to take into consideration!

Also, when learning how to find a reputable breeder, one needs to know that a breeder’s dogs are the real deal and good looking, you need to see several pictures of the dogs and maybe some videos. If a dog really looks good, a breeder will want to show it off, not just hide it behind one glamor shot! They need to provide a good amount of advertisement in order to genuinely show the dog.

You also need to think about if this breeder knows how to correctly ship a dog, can he ship a dog out of the country if you require that? That is a part of his responsibility to understand. You need to know all this going in, and before buying a dog from them. You shouldn’t buy a dog from someone you wouldn’t feel comfortable letting take care of your dog.

Who you buy your dog from is very important, a lot of people get ripped off when they don’t know how to find a reputable breeder.

We did too when we first started, and that’s what inspired us to start our kennel and change the breed for the better. Thanks and GOD BLESS!!

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