Dog Inbreeding


In the American Bully world, you constantly see 2x this and 3x that. Many new Bully fans don’t know what this means, well basically, it means how many times a certain dog appears in a particular dogs pedigree.

This is dog inbreeding, many people freak out when they hear this, but it isn’t always a bad thing. All pure bred dogs are inbred, if they wasn’t there would be no individual dog breeds. And in the bully world it can make dogs shorter and wider. Inbreeding can be use to “lock in” specific traits that you want to keep.

dog inbreeding

But if you don’t know what your doing with dog inbreeding you can create many flaws, some very severe. When inbreeding you have to keep in mind that you aren’t just “locking in” or “doubling up” on good traits, you also make the bad traits worse.

People like to take a big name dog and see how many times they can make his name appear on a pedigree, without seeing what the outcome truly is. You must always be very selective when inbreeding, and know what ALL the traits the blood has in it are, good and bad.

At Carolina Bully Farms we go to great lengths researching to know ahead of time what to expect from breeding before we ever do them. Sometimes when a dog gets too inbred, you need an “outcross” which means bringing in completely unrelated blood to what you have, this will help to “clean it up” but you cant just pick any dog for an outcross either, you have to make sure the outcross will complement your breeding. We will go into depth, in our next blog post, on HOW TO OUTCROSS.

Thanks for tuning in everyone, and GOD BLESS.

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