What are the differences between the American Bully classes(standard, pocket, extreme, classic, xl, exotic)

The American Bully is a complicated breed, once you figure out the differences between a Bully and a Pit Bull, you have six different classes to learn about and decide which you prefer.

Extra Large(Xl.)

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that no matter what is trending at the moment, when you are looking for a bully you choose what looks good to you. I actually have had people tell me how much they love one of my dogs, and then ask is it exotic, or extreme, because they want to make sure they get one of those! If they like the dog they need to see that the classification is irrelevant. That being said, knowing the classifications is great to help with learning what style you prefer, and for all around knowledge of the breed and how it has developed.

bc(5)First off is classic, these Bullies are the 90s style early American Bullies, the way they looked in the infant stage of the breed. They resemble Pit Bulls the closest of any Bullies. They are 17-20” tall, lean, and more streamlined and thin. They carry less bulk, less bone mass, and less head size.
Up next is the Standard Bully, this is what style the breed is based around and in the show ring is considered the base standard of the breed. It is 17-20” tall, powerful, with a large blocky head.

This bully has heavy bone, but is still light on its feet, and elegant in its movement, it has a short back, and muscular build. Great examples of this breed are dogs such as GRCH Don Vitto, and NCH King Kamali.

Now we come to one of the more popular classes, Pocket. These little guys are anything under 17” tall, they are short but powerful, and they look massive even in their small stature. The have a large, blocky, chiseled head, short back, and alot of bone mass and muscle on their frame. There more of a ¾ scale Standard Bully.

Now we come to a personal favorite of mine, Extreme. This is the newest category of the American Bully, brought to life by legends and some of the most famous bullies of all time, legends like Kurupt, Kryptonite, CH Bane, and CH Mo Money. The Extreme bully had to overcome a lot of adversity to be excepted into the ABKC. The extreme Bully is basically the Standard Bully, but with more everything, bigger head, more bone, more mass, and shorter muzzle. The standard allows them a little longer back, and a little more loose skin.

Next up is the Exotic Bully, this classification is not recognized by the ABKC, but is arguably the most popular at this time. It is kind of like a Pocket but with Extreme features. This class is much shorter than even the Pocket Bully. It carries massive girth for its size, and head shape is smashed up and round. They vary greatly due to the fact that there is no set standard for them, all they need to be is eye catching(exotic). Examples are Mr. Miagi, and Bullseye.

While I was a massive part of the Extreme Bully movement I don’t advocate a lot of the Exotic class because of health issues and mixed breeding, I would like to see it become more organized and set. I can definitely appreciate a well bred Exotic and I have incorporated some into my program. This of course is just my opinion and as long as you practice healthy breeding and care for your Bullies I respect all styles and love the breed as a whole. For complete classification visit theabkcdogs.org .
thanks and GOD BLESS

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