Difference between red nose and bluenose pitbulls

Difference between red nose and bluenose pitbulls

Today on the Carolina Bully Farms blog we will be discussing what the difference between a red nose and a blue nose pitbull is. I see alot of people that think a Bully can only be blue. Even more people think it has to have a blue nose.

When really the “nose color” has nothing to do with a dog being a bully. The color Blue is a gene a lot of bullies carry, it is a diluted black gene and is the reason many bullies have skin issues.

The fact that alot of bullies are blue nose is purely coincidence. Some of the best bullies in the world have red noses. It is nothing more than a different color.

I also see people who think red nose bullies are more aggressive, this is also untrue, no dog is bred more aggressive, they can have higher or lower drives when is just a different way of saying high energy.

Alot of times this is misunderstood for aggression when dogs or under excersized.  To sum up red nose bullies and blue nose bullies and any coat colors are nothing more then that, a color and has no effect on how the dog will look or behave.

To truly have a good shot at predicting a puppy’s future looks, you need to study its pedigree and see what its ancestors look like and what they produce.

Thanks everyone for ready and check out this video for further explanation. God Bless

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