pit bull suppliesHere at Carolina Bully Farms, we frequently get asked what vitamin and supplement program we have our dogs on.

Our program is very simple, because when you use the right products it is simple. We use BULLYMAX on our dogs, and we recommend it to all of our clients.

We do this because after years of breeding American Bullies, we know what works and what doesn’t; and BULLYMAX works.

It’s not just another protein supplement, or just a regular non effective multivitamin, it is a veterinarian approved supplement that is undoubtedly the best mass gainer on the market.

It is a fantastic effective multivitamin. It helps aid digestion, helps bone development, improves vision, and keeps the coat looking looking absolutely stunning!! I always had an incredibly difficult time keeping our dogs coat looking good, but now with BULLYMAX everyone ask how our dogs coats are so shiny.

Now to answer the question you’re most interested in, and that is if it really adds muscle. Well it does! It has improved, and added muscle on every dog we use it on and have used it on from young to old. It is also great tasting to dogs, which makes it easy to give them.

Even if you don’t give it to your dogs regularly, it is a great asset to have when you’re having a litter because its so great for pregnant moms!! It keeps them strong by not letting them get low on any essential nutrients.  They even have a great dog calming aid for separation anxiety.

We at CBF don’t endorse just any product, it has to work, and so when you hear us say we love BULLYMAX, you can rest assured we have tested it thoroughly before we make a statement that big!!

Here’s what BullyMax can do for your dog!


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