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Jim and Cody Blackburn. The father and son team and owners of Carolina Bully Farms.

Welcome to the Carolina Bully Farms Bully Pitbulls resources & american pitbull information page.

Here, like we say in our videos you will find everything you will need to know about them.  Our names are Jim and Cody and we are your guides to learning all you need to know about the American Bully and pitbull puppies information.

A little history on the bully pitbulls

what is an american bully?

an american bully is a very new breed, only being around for about 20 years. it is often confused with the american pitbull terrier.

Although it does come from pitbull heritage it is now recognized as a breed all its own. the american bully is a fairly short dog, although it gives the impression of a huge dog because of the incredible muscle, width, head size, and girth they carry. the american bully is a very well balanced dog, with a strong, proud stance.

Its head should be a chisled work of art, blocky, with tight skin and a short sqaure muzzle. the am bully has very heavy bone structure, living up to its name bully in every area, even its legs. it isnt agressive in any way,
but it still has the drive to play with its owner and protect its house. the american bully is the perfect dog to just about anyone who gives them a chance.

what is a pocket bully?

a pocket bully is basically a shorter version of an american bully.  The only difference being that they have to be 17″ or under. the pocket bully is a little big man, even though it is a shorter bully it is wide and thick, and layered with muscled.

The pocket bully is a eye catching and very unique dog, no other dog in the world has the width, substance and massone that size frame.

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This is a collection of resources we have put together about the bully pitbulls and pitbull dog information.  Here you will find quality information about these animals.  This is out best pitbull information and facts.

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