Are American Bullies Healthy???

I frequently get asked what is the life span of an American Bully, are they able to keep up with an active lifestyle, and just basic questions about the breeds health in general. The Bully is a new breed and with many breeders in the American Bully world still unfortunately being very unprofessional, not just […]

What are the differences between the American Bully classes(standard, pocket, extreme, classic, xl, exotic)

The American Bully is a complicated breed, once you figure out the differences between a Bully and a Pit Bull, you have six different classes to learn about and decide which you prefer. Standard(Std.) Classic(Cls.) Pocket(P) Extreme(Ex.) Extra Large(Xl.) First and foremost, it’s important to remember that no matter what is trending at the moment, […]

Pitbull Muscle Building

How To Get Your Dog Ripped Here at our kennels we are constantly getting questions about how we keep our dogs so muscular. Our dogs aren’t just “skinny and ripped” our American Bullies are extreme, with extreme bone, girth, and extreme muscle mass!! We’ll the secret is simple, first, you have to have the genetics […]

Dog Inbreeding

WHAT IS DOG INBREEDING, IS IT BAD? In the American Bully world, you constantly see 2x this and 3x that. Many new Bully fans don’t know what this means, well basically, it means how many times a certain dog appears in a particular dogs pedigree. This is dog inbreeding, many people freak out when they […]


WHY CAROLINA BULLY FARMS RECOMMENDS BULLYMAX Here at Carolina Bully Farms, we frequently get asked what vitamin and supplement program we have our dogs on. Our program is very simple, because when you use the right products it is simple. We use BULLYMAX on our dogs, and we recommend it to all of our clients. […]

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