Are American Bullies Healthy???

I frequently get asked what is the life span of an American Bully, are they able to keep up with an active lifestyle, and just basic questions about the breeds health in general. The Bully is a new breed and with many breeders in the American Bully world still unfortunately being very unprofessional, not just in the business aspect but also in their care for the bullies.

sweetie @ 7.5 weeks

sweetie @ 7.5 weeks

While you will no doubt see bullies day young, it has nothing to do with the breed in general and everything to do with poor breeding and care practices. A well cared for bully is a very healthy happy animal, and can live anywhere from 10-13 yrs. The bully is more than capable of an active lifestyle, all you have to do is let your bully out to play and it will get it’s self in good shape.

Then it’s up to you if you wanna take it to the next level such as hiking or running with your bully or whatever activities you want to include him in. Even our very extreme bullies have been on hikes with us and our customers frequently send us pics of their bullies enjoying an active lifestyle. The only issue you face health wise with a bully is difficulty breathing, which is cause by their short snout and is minor. As long as you have a way to cool your dog down (see our other blog post) you have nothing to worry about.

So get out and enjoy your bully and live a healthy lifestyle along side him, thanks for reading and God Bless

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