American Bully Vitamins

We use additives here at Carolina Bully Farms.  The brand we choose and trust is Bully Max.  It is a well rounded supplement, that not only helps are dogs build muscle and stay in great shape, it also helps with their health ailments such as skin problems.

When we first started, we were not sure about using something to supplement, as we really didn’t think our dogs needed them.  However, one day we decided to give Bully Max a try and what a difference we saw.  Our dogs became more playful and seemed to be more full of life.  That’s when we knew we found the right supplement for your bully dogs.

gorilla max

Gorilla Max

Health & Commitment

You see, it’s a commitment to their health that we are after.  We like to make sure our dogs are not only comfortable in life but that they are also at their best.

It’s important to feed your bully dog right, with the right food and supplements, even if you have one as a house pet and are not into bully shows.  It’s all about taking care of your dog and making sure they have a great life.

However, with that said, if you are into bully show and or dog sports, then Bully Max can help.  With Bully Max you will see your dog come into a new energetic state.  They will be much stronger, more playful and more full of life.  This is how you want your dog to be.

If you feed your dog right and give them the right vitamins & supplements and you go to the park.  Bring the Frisbee along because it will become your dogs newest and best toy.  And you will for sure have loads of fun in the park.

We are glad we chose the supplements we did.  It has helped our dogs with just about everything.  We want our dogs as a part of our family, staying in great shape and in good health.  With the ones we chose we are able to have all this and more.

We truly feel blessed we have all of the dogs we do and they are all healthy because we take care of them, feed them the correct diet and supplement with the right product.

We have some tips we can share with you so we decided we would share our videos off our Youtube channel.  We have all kinds of instructional and fun videos for you to watch.  And as always, if you have any questions for us, you can reach us via text, the number is at the top right of our website on almost every single page.

Find out more about Bully Max here.