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carolina-bully-farms-logoCBF Was founded in 2009 by Jim and Cody Blackburn. We had always had a dog but never a Bully or Pitbull. At the time we has a black lab that we rescued from the pound. We got him as a pup and when he was 12 years old he had to be put to sleep. It devastated our whole family.

The Start Of Something Great

atomic dogg magazine

Cody and his brother Chase decided they wanted a Pit Bull, after some research, we decided a American Bully would be even better. Long story short we purchased one and we all fell head over heels in love with this dog.

He was a 135lb teddy bear. So big and so gentle at the same time, he was truly amazing. Anyway it was in the process of buying Rino(that was his name) that made us decide to start our own kennel.

It seemed to us all the breeders were interested in was money, every kennel we spoke with had only one concern, how much money they could get. Not one person asked us how we planned to care for the dog or where it’s living conditions would be. They asked nothing except making sure we had the money to buy the dog. In fact some of the conditions of the dogs we looked at were deplorable.

We wanted to take them all home. Some of the yards we tried to visit wouldn’t even be there after making plans to meet us, others wouldn’t even allow visitors. We were already addicted to these dogs and stayed on the internet researching them 24hrs a day.

Quality Comes First In Our Book

So we decided that if we were to start a kennel that actually put the dogs first, and only did quality breeding’s and told people the truth about how we thought our pups for sale would actually look as adults, that we could have a very successful kennel.

So these are the principals our kennel is built on. Our dogs eat and live like kings, they all live indoors, either in our house or our 30×30 building. They have heat and air conditioning, each bully has his/her own 5×10 kennel equipped with a large Igloo dog house, and every dog is let outside all everyday in our big fenced in yard.

It’s All About The Dogs

075-3This is where they run and play all day long, you can see videos on our YOUTUBE channel. We taking turns taking all the dogs in groups on walks through the woods alternating groups throughout the day. We also clean and mop every kennel twice daily.

We keep fresh water and food in each kennel 24/7 365 days a year. Every evening when the dogs go back in their kennel we go in each kennel and spend a minimum of 30 minutes one on one time with each bully.

We NEVER do a breeding just for the money. Every breeding is carefully planned and done to better the breed and to produce an amazing lil Bully. We only sell to people that will love and care for our Bullies like family.

ABKC Champs Are What We Raise

abkc champion breedersABKC Extreme Champion Mo Money is the face of our kennel. besides being a champion he is a mascot for Atomic Dogg Magazine, a BBATV mascot, and a Bully Max vitamin mascot. He has been featured in and on the cover of several national publications, and has even has sculptures of his head given away at ABKC show to the winners of the shows. He is also featured on many t-shirts and other bully related items.

Mo Money now has his own bloodline, The MONEYLINE bloodline. He has his offspring in 38 states, and 9 different countries. In fact a lot of his offspring are Champions and Grand Champions.

This kennel has been a dream come true, We owe EVERYTHING to GOD, with GOD all things are possible.

Thank You.
Jim and Cody

Owners, Carolina Bully Farms

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