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At Carolina Bully Farms, we hand raise our dogs on Bully Max from day one to ensure they reach their fullest potential. Get more details on what we feed our ABKC Champions here

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  • Difference between red nose and bluenose pitbulls

    Difference between red nose and bluenose pitbulls Today on the Carolina Bully Farms blog we will be discussing what the difference between a red nose and a blue nose pitbull is. I see alot of people that think a Bully can only be blue. Even more people think it has to have a blue nose. [...]

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  • Are American Bullies Healthy???

    I frequently get asked what is the life span of an American Bully, are they able to keep up with an active lifestyle, and just basic questions about the breeds health in general. The Bully is a new breed and with many breeders in the American Bully world still unfortunately being very unprofessional, not just [...]

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  • What are the differences between the American Bully classes(standard, pocket, extreme, classic, xl, exotic)

    The American Bully is a complicated breed, once you figure out the differences between a Bully and a Pit Bull, you have six different classes to learn about and decide which you prefer. Standard(Std.) Classic(Cls.) Pocket(P) Extreme(Ex.) Extra Large(Xl.) First and foremost, it’s important to remember that no matter what is trending at the moment, [...]

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  • Home of the Champion ABKC Breeders

    Carolina Bully Farms is a family owned kennel, which is located in Stanley North Carolina. Stanly is just a small town we love. We are the home of ABKC Extreme Champion Mo Money.

    We are Bully Pitbull breeders who have a passion and thank God every day for being able to do what we do. The dogs come first. In our book, our bully dogs come first and foremost. This is why we feel we produce champions. It’s because we really care about every aspect of what we do.

    Our dogs are well taken care of and enjoy the best there is available when it comes to anything such as food and even the care of their health.

    We only use the best veterinarians and the best dog food and supplements such as Bully Max. State Of The Art Facilities. We have over 6 acres of land for our bullies to run and play on, and a climate controlled kennel building which is cleaned out every day for the dogs. Our whelping room is in another building different from our kennel. Each dog enjoys their own area where they can sleep or even hide away if they ever feel the need. You will frequently see us go into the Kennel while we are shooting videos for our Youtube channel. Way of life. This is not just some hobby for us.

    We are raising bullies full time, and completely love every minute of what we do. You can see many of our Bullies all over the place such as, Atomic Dog Magazine, the cover of books and any other media that covers bully dogs. We as a kennel have been featured in Bully Girl Magazine and other various places on the internet. Customer Service is #1.Word of mouth is our number one way of business. Want you to become a customer a 2nd time, since you were happy doing business with us the first time. We promise to give you nothing but the best. ABKC Champions.

    We have a few abkc champions in our kennel. It’s almost become our calling card, is raising a champion. And we guarantee the pups you get are nothing but the finest quality. Sure, there are other bully breeders and some are awesome also. But we offer when you buy from us, the ability to get one raised by a champion if you’ve asked for it.

  • When you purchase a pup from Carolina Bully Farms, you know your getting a well socialized dog from day one. This is the key factor in raising a non-aggressive family dog. Our American Bullies are hand raised from day one and are extremely well socialized with people and other dogs of all ages. The result is the perfect family dog!

Champion ABKC Breeders Carolina Bully Farms

We also have the number one channel on Youtube about bullies. You can check us out and see our day to day activities and get tips and pointers about raising bullies, how to feed them properly, health care and other pointers. Plus you get to see all of our dogs in all their glory and even some fun times we have at the shooting range. It’s a blast, trust us. So, please check us out on our Youtube Channel and our other products